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My name is Sandra Illsley and I work with women at a crossroads in their career, life or business work out what they really want to do and who they really want to be. Simple, huh? Well it would be nice it was, but for loads of us, it isn't: we forget what we like, what we want and who we are, making it really hard to make decisions.

For the past four years, I've been coaching clients to help them lift the weight off by getting really clear on where their passions lie in life and work. I help you 'see the whole board' because we need to make decisions that fit with our real lives, not isolated decisions that don't: that's where the mismatches and issues lie and no-one needs anymore of those.

If you're currently stuck, I am sorry, it's sh*t. It probably seems like everyone else is getting on with their lives while yours is on pause. I've been there and I've got that t-shirt and now, having spent way too long trying to sort this stuff out on my own, I am helping other women lift the weight off and have multiple light-bulb moments as they remember what they've forgotten, work out what they want and finally get some relief!!!

No one should have to go through this alone, yet I reckon most of us end up feeling guilty about talking about the same topic, to the same people, over and over and over so if this is you, I guess you might be feeling lonely, too.


You might not have asked for help before, but if you are DONE with getting nowhere and so ready to see a better future, feel happier, more confident and like you could do pretty much anything you set your mind to because you are now un.stopp.able, give me a shout. I will help you get there so much faster than if you're doing this on your own and seeing as we only get one shot at life, why wouldn't you want to walk taller now? Haven't you waited long enough...?

Message me and let's talk about lifting the weight off you.


​tel: +44 (0) 7938 826610

email: sandra@lwlcoaching.co.uk



18 The Lagger,

Chalfont St Giles,



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