Thank you so much for wanting to find out more about me. I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs work out what has been holding them back and then realise just how much potential they have. It's such an uplifting and inspiring job and I get to do it every day...I absolutely love it!

I wasn't always a life and mindset coach, though. Pre-career break, I had a 20 year career in FMCG global corporates and after my two children came along, having two full-time working parents didn't really work for us, so it made sense for me to take a career break. Eventually, after taking on the hardest job in the world (being a full-time parent!!), things settled down and I could think about doing something for me, which was great in theory, except I got myself mightily stuck: I couldn't see a way forward. I felt like I'd never work it out and it got very lonely. I ran out of people to talk to about my 'I don't know what I want to do next' nice problem to have and it got me down.


Eventually, after about 18 months, I made a couple of break throughs, the fog lifted and I finally had much longed for clarity and direction. I wanted to do more of what I really loved during my employed career: coaching and developing people to achieve their full potential.


So, I decided to do a Masters degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice and specialised in Managerial Coaching. I had led, built and developed teams in global organisations for 20 years in the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries, yet started my career as a lab-based microbiologist with a wide range of jobs in between: quality management, regulatory affairs, auditing, training, validation and quality control. Returning to studying wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I finished my BSc, but I really did love it and knew I'd made the right choice for my self-employed journey.


Fast forward to 2018 and I started my coaching practice and have enjoyed every minute of 'not-working' in my passion. The old cliche of not working a day of your life when you do something you love, is so true. I cannot recommend following your dream enough: it is the best feeling ever. In fact, it's my living without limits.

So, if you are struggling to move forward, you're fed up with making no progress and you're ready to commit to achieving your potential, get in touch. Life's short, so don't waste a second of it: come have a virtual coffee with me.