Sandra Illsley - Live Without Limits Ltd - Life and Mindset Coach
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Hello, I’m Sandra.

I love helping women running service-based businesses get out of their own way and move from inaction to action! And despite what you might think about mindset coaches, it is possible to be coached by someone who speaks like you me. 

So, what can I tell you about me...? Well, after having finished my MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice and starting my coaching practice in 2018, I’ve worked with people at so many different stages of their life and career, from CEOs, MDs and Directors, to university leavers, entrepreneurs just starting out to 10 years +, Mums returning to work, those working a full-time job whilst getting their business off the ground, multi-passionate entrepreneurs and pivoters.

No day is the same; no day ever feels like work.

Before I did my MA degree, I’d had a 20 year Corporate Career working for Mars and GSK in technologist to manager roles ranging from site liaison with the UK MHRA and hosting regulatory audits for new licences and existing, hosting the site ISO 9000 quality recertification audits, to troubleshooting manufacturing issues, to quality and process management to auditing to training to running product testing labs... I set up new departments and laboratories, managed, coached and developed first line managers and teams from 3 to 45 people on 24h shift patterns and days... I absolutely loved it. But full time working, a young family plus two hour commute were not an easy mix, so something had to give and I took a career break...


A couple of years in, I had got myself well and truly stuck trying to work out what I wanted to do next. Cutting the longest, most tedious story short, I decided to do the two things I loved most when I was in my 20y corporate career: 1) finding the root cause of problems and 2) helping others to get the absolute best out of themselves.

And funnily enough, even though we often prefer to do the stuff that comes easily to us, I didn’t know I was good at it, until one of my early clients said “I ask the questions they didn’t know needed asking”, which sent a tingle down my spine...


Getting that feedback has stayed with me and shapes pretty much everything I do, now: helping my clients work out where their problems lie and then provide them with pragmatic tools to help them now and should the problem arise again. I love, love, love it.

Finally, I’d like to say that working for yourself, is quite unlike working for others; I am yet to meet a business owner who is without mindset challenges. We may not experience them all the time, but when we do, it can feel like there's no point to any of it or you should have listened to all the nay sayers in your head because they actually were right. Which is of course, utter nonsense: there's not one fact in that. But it's still frustrating, demotivating and debilitating, especially if you think you should be able to solve all that sh*t but just can’t, which is why I do what I do.

If you want to start moving forwards, then put one of the 30 minutes you've been losing down the back of the sofa to better use, fill in the contact form and let's see have a virtual coffee to see how I can help you.