Over the last four years...

As a coaching professional, I've helped women in the UK and USA leave and change jobs; start, develop, change and close down businesses; accept and understand themselves then get out of their own way.

I've helped women believe so deeply in themselves, they don't question whether they can do something, they just do it, because why not? Who says we can't? Who says we shouldn't? Sadly, it's usually us...

Everyone believes things about themselves: some things are enabling, some things are not. What's happened to you is just luck of the draw, but the past is the past and doesn't have to be your future. Holding tightly onto where you've been can hold you back and may mean you never reach your potential, which is a waste of you, your strengths, your talents, your place in the world. But it doesn't have to be that way. Things could be different: you could be opening the door to a whole new chapter that is exciting, stimulating, rewarding, inspiring, motivating, enabling, empowering...unless of course, you like being stuck, then carry on.

But if you want to feel free of limitation in your life and business and once you've made your decision, you want to  just get on with it, then my bespoke 121 coaching packages are just the thing. I work in a focussed way offering packages of between four to six hour sessions with exercises of 30-60 minutes inbetween. Most people don't usually need more and we don't try to boil the ocean: we focus on the main problems that are holding you back to get you moving and motivated again. Coaching doesn't needs to be months and months and months of support: we all have wings, so once we know how to fly, we need to stretch them and go.

Sessions can be online or walking and talking, in person for people in Bucks, Berks or Herts or on the phone when distance  doesn't matter(!) which brings another dimension of freedom and inspiration to the experience of coaching. Either way, you can be assured, that I listen hard, ask questions you didn't know needed asking and guide your personal journey of discovery.

I feel honoured and privileged to have helped so many women make positive differences to their lives. My Testimonials page has reviews from my clients - they describe their experiences so much better than me.

If this sounds like the kind of coaching approach that would help you get out of your own way, then let's have a virtual coffee - fill in the form below and we can find out whether I'm the right coach for you.

Your future is waiting.