If you're just DONE with hitting your head against the proverbial brick wall and need to make some breakthroughs to just move the f*ck on with your life, I can help: I have been helping women do just this for the last four years.


But you're not used to asking for help, I get that. I wasn't either. But now you're considering it, you need to know your stuff is going to be kept confidential, right? Totally. You may have heard the term psychological safety and it's definitely a thing:  it's super important you feel safe and secure so you feel able to share things you might not have shared with anyone else before. There is real responsibility in not only creating the environment, but in trusting that what goes on tour, stays on tour. Confidentiality is the life blood of my coaching and why I only coach this area 121.

Why else do I only coach 121? Because everyone's situation is different. You may need predomiantly career coaching or you may need predominantly life coaching, or  like most people, a mix of both, but do you really benefit from hearing someone else's story when you're trying to solve your own? There might be some benefit to it, but I am all about causing the big, life-changing transformations, so I'm sticking with the 121.

How many sessions do I need? Generally, we get most things covered off in 4 sessions. You will have to do some work outside the sessions, but as long as you are committed to the process, and I'd guess if you've read this far, you probably are, then you will do the work. I keep it to a minimum, but generally, the 'work' for any coaching program is done outside the session.

Why do I offer just 4 sessions? Could I have more? You can have more if you feel you need them, but when I coach, I'm trying to do myself out of a job, so will be upskilling you so you don't need more sessions. I don't think a long term program is always the best approach, so would rather keep the program short and super-focused in the first instance. You need to spread your wings, not feel like you need to ask my permission, which is what could happen if the program was longer.

How long are the coaching sessions? They are 60 minutes long. Every session is different but some clients value more personal development and whilst there might be follow-up materials, it's key to get the balance right between depth and breadth and it's important you don't get bombarded have time to reflect to process the learnings and understand what they mean to you 

What sort of personal development topics do you cover? It very much depends on what the client needs and wants. I've worked with clients on: 

- beliefs

- confidence

- goals

- productivity

- time management

- leadership

- self-esteem

- decision making

- changing habits

- inner critic

- people management

- resilience

- people pleasing

- self sabotage

- name a few.

All sessions are online. In the drier months, I walk with clients local to me which brings a whole new dimension to my coaching and is always lovely to combine two natural companinions - walking and talking! It's a bit trickier in the autumn and winter though.

What's my coaching style? I am an intuitive coach and use a solution-focused approach as the over arching premise to my work. If that's not familiar to you, it's an approach that helps you move forwards by focussing on the future and prioritising the improvements you could make. It's widely used amongst the coaching profession.

I listen hard and ask questions you didn't know needed asking. I help you realise what you can do and help you find a way to give yourself permission, if you need it. I feel honoured and privileged to have helped so many make positive differences to their lives. My Testimonials page has reviews from my clients - they describe their experiences so much better than me.

So, if you are at a crossroads in your life, career or business, please message me for a free 30 minute chat to find out whether I am the right person to help you. 


​tel: +44 (0) 7938 826610



18 The Lagger,

Chalfont St Giles,



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