If you're growing your business, changing your people development strategy or developing individual managers, your needs are unique.

Yes, I provide coaching skills training, but my question to you is what do you want to achieve? I help you get really clear about what you want and why you want it to ensure the approach we take is the right one.

Supporting you whilst you 'learn-on-the-job', provides regular prompts for your managers to reflect on their practice whilst you become more familiar with the process and begin to see the  benefits of a coaching approach for yourself.  become your new way of working. Training someone without post-training support allows the training to be forgotten, wasting time, money and good will. 

Your company, your culture and your people are unique and the training you bring in to your organisation should reflect that: you've got different people with different learning styles, levels of experience, motivation, expertise etc so why should your training be one size fits all? 

that are Change requires effort and changing behaviour needs Some managers are naturally good at getting the best out of people; so good, it seems effortless. Some managers aren't so good and may even find it difficult. Some may have become demotivated, have the potential but lack the skills. Having managers performing at their best, brings huge benefits to any organisation and a little investment goes a long way.

My approach is based on the outcome of my research, current academic thinking and my experience of training and developing others in multiple areas during my corporate career. One size does not fit all, so I work with you to ensure I support you in achieving your objective.

What  approach It is a flexible approach that adapts to the people you have working for you, with the level of support as they practice their new coaching skills. Embedding changes in behaviour can be challenging to deliver consistently but not everyone needs additional support so it's there if you need it for individuals, for groups, for further training. helping you get the best outcome from someone get the best out of their people, encouraging happier and more motivated teams. be that develop coaching skills multi-stage training approach, working with managers before, during and after the training, supporting them as they embed their new skills and knowledge.

The benefits 

As a consequence of taking part in the whole training intervention, managers are: 

- asking direct reports what to do, not telling, empowering their teams;

- asking open questions instead of creativity-stifling, leading questions; 

- learning new things about their direct reports because they can now listen properly; 

- more confident at delegating; 

- getting time-back as their direct reports become more independent;

- self-coaching;

- developing their own coaching strategy.

Before training 

I ensure the managers are ready and willing to take part, engaging and motivating them with their own coaching experience.

The training 

This enables managers to practice their new skills using their real-life examples in a workshop-setting; to learn through experience in a safe environment, as well as benefitting from being coached by their peers. I deliver only what they need to know to begin coaching their direct reports so the training does not lose credibility with busy managers. As a result and working only with small groups to ensure the quality of the learning experience, the workshop is 3-4h in length, including how to implement their new skills back in the real-world.

After training 

I work with each manager as they begin their coaching journey, supporting them individually as they progress. The length of time I do this depends on you, but the value of support cannot be underestimated for people who are new to coaching: it provides the reassurance they need and expert support to resolve their questions whilst their new skills embed.

To find out more about my research-proven approach, please get in touch.

I am as passionate as you are about enabling managers to achieve their potential.

I am more confident in 1-1 situations, more confident in my management skills and the coaching model allows us to look forward rather than focussing on the problem, which improves things for everyone.

I'd had some coaching training before, but this time, having the follow-ups whilst I was gaining experience made a real difference. 


I think I've subconsciously assimilated the skills and enabled my team to find their own solutions, which reduces pressure on me and improves relationships. Being trained by Sandra has been insightful and time very well spent and I am still reaping the benefits."             

D.L., Team Leader, Higher Ed.

"I am a manager with several direct and indirect reports.  I was aware that a significant amount of my time was taken up with decisions and situations that these reports could deal with themselves given the right skills.  When Sandra approached me and explained how she could help through her training program I was eager to start.

Sandra has given me new techniques to further my management style that includes a coaching element.  With this new skill, over a short time, I have see an improvement in the team, with increased self confidence, independence and productivity.  The additional time I have, as a result, is now being invested in other areas that need improvement."


G.M., IT Solution Manager, IT Service Provider