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READY TO GET out of your own way?

Want to ditch the frustration, get out of your own way and start taking action, without spending all the hours or loads of cash?

Then read on to find out about my super-focused 1:1 coaching approach...

Are you seeing other women running service-based businesses ‘make it’ and wondering why you can’t do the same?


Are you being told you need to start earning some money from this gig and you’re putting huge pressure on yourself?


Are you avoiding doing the things that you need to grow your business, like

  • avoiding being visible;


  • avoiding networking and collaborating for fear of judgement;


  • scared of being judged for doing things your way;


  • overdelivering to non-ideal clients;

  • labelling yourself as a procrastinator and living up to the badge and then some and


  • scared to put your prices up in case it upsets your current clients?

Maybe you thought you knew where the problem was, but you just don't know, anymore.


Maybe you’re feeling guilty or ashamed because you think you should be able to sort this out on your own, but you’ve tried and you’re no clearer on where to start or even how you’d begin to talk about that with someone else.


Maybe you feel pretty indecisive about what it is you actually do want to achieve.


But it all feels like it’s coming to a head...

What I can promise you...

That you, me and so many of my clients have all been there.


We’ve got trapped inside our heads, can’t see the wood for the trees and now everything feels sh*t.

And when everything feels sh*t, it’s almost impossible to imagine things will ever feel any better.

I hold a safe space for you while we work out why you are where you are, so you can gain some perspective. 


You'll become more aware of the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.

You'll realise you’re much better at solving problems than you think and instead of allowing one disruptive set of thoughts and worries to run wild in your head, I'll support you to be more of the rounded individual you actually are.

You’ll have a clarity you’ve not had for a long time: it'll feel like a weight has been lifted and you'll know that the pragmatic tools I give you will help you deal with what's happening now and if/when it returns in the future.

In essence, the sessions help you gain confidence to take action rather than allowing your limiting beliefs hold you back.


“I contacted Sandra at a time when I felt completely at sea. Everything felt overwhelming and I wanted to get

some clarity on my life and what I was doing going forward but had no idea where to start”    S, UK

“Her questions are thought provoking and made me more aware of what I can control and what is someone

else's issue.”     H, UK

“Each session helped me find a new perspective on my life and in turn, this has helped me move forwards”     V, UK

“She asks all the questions that you don’t think you can answer, but does so in an empathetic way and makes

you realise you had the answer all along”     B, UK

“She listened at length and gently held the space for all the bottled-up emotions to come out.”      K, UK


“Firm and fair wrapped up in a reassuring hot water bottle of kindness is how she left me feeling”     L, UK

“I went from utter chaos of not knowing how I wanted to proceed with my life and business and going from that to an ordered sense of self.”    A, UK

“She gave me concrete tools to use that have helped me to be more confident and focussed”      L, USA


“I don’t know how you get in my head, but you keep drawing stuff out, so carry on”      P, UK


“The work we did together is the reason I have been able to get a lot of aspects of my life under control”     H, UK

How does it work?

Everyone is unique, so my mindset coaching sessions are entirely client led, not one size fits all.


I don’t put you through an identikit package and call it a day: it's all tailored to you.


Working with me is like reading the book that helps, not the whole library of ‘just-in-case’. I keep the program focussed so you can specifically address the issues you have rather than working on future unknown problems.

We unpick and unpack what’s holding you back, then move forward with pragmatic tools to help you now and in the future.

But, I don’t believe in silver bullets or a magic fix: you might not get rid of all the thoughts and beliefs you tell yourself, but you will learn how to recognise, accept them as false and move forward when they arise, so they won’t hold you back.

And we do this all within 4-6 focussed sessions so you:

  • can get back to doing the things you need to do to grow your business;

  • can get back to doing the things you couldn’t do before you started talking to me;

  • are not spending eons in a coaching program or mega bucks on the solution.

And if I think it's needed, I'll ask you to do some short exercises outside of the session, too - sometimes we need to process, think and reflect, which is easier after the sessions.


Thinking 4-6 sessions won’t be enough?

Well, when you’re focussed and don’t work on other stuff, then it really is enough time.


Sometimes, though, you might need to spend some quiet time outside of the session, so I sometimes set short exercises of around 30 minutes, to enable you to do some of the deeper, more reflective work.


I’m all over the place, so if I can’t work out what’s wrong, how on earth can someone else do it?


We can all help others, but helping ourselves, well...that's another kettle of fish. But, to help you, I listen hard. I listen for what you say and what you don't say, supporting you whilst you’re digging deep and gently 'asks the questions you didn’t know you needed asking' (and that quote was from a client whilst I was in training...).

If we’re going to work out root causes, isn’t that something you’d do in therapy, not mindset coaching?

Unpicking what’s causing your issues is important as it allows us to take the right steps forward, not just any steps.

But, we don’t need to dwell in that space like you might in therapy: once we’ve worked out what’s going on for you, we then work forwards with pragmatic tools to help you this time and in the future, should something similar happen again.


Will you make me talk about really personal stuff?

No, absolutely not. A good mindset coach would never exceed your expressed boundaries and we discuss any boundaries you may have i.e. what is ok and what is not ok to discuss at the beginning of each session as they may have changed and I encourage you to let me know if a boundary crops up during the session, too.

How honest do I need to be?

Assuming you’re ready to make the commitment to explore the areas holding you back, then how much you share, is up to you. However, sharing as much as you can as early as you can is important because it allows us to make faster progress.


But, if you get to the final session with a ‘There’s something I need to tell you...’ thought on your mind, it could result in getting to the end of your sessions without the result you hoped for because you weren’t as open as you could have been.


There are so many reasons to want to withhold information and fear of judgment is huge, but I’m not in the business of that: everyone has a history, a background, a context, a reason and I’m here to help you move forwards in the best way I can, not judge you for where you are or what you say.

How confidential are our sessions?

Confidentiality is my currency. Without it, I have no business.

When do you start to ask tough questions?

I’m always asking questions and experience tells me when you’re ready to be asked more challenging ones, but I'm always mindful of asking permission for the really tough questions: it's important you know you can say no and I will never push you further than you want to go.

Plus, it's no real surprise to know that your feelings about your situation can change from week to week, so I will always check whether anything has changed for you at the beginning of each session, anyway.

If I’m struggling to do the actions before the next session, can we postpone?

Yes, usually, if you give me more than 24h notice, but any less notice than that and the session could be charged in full. Also, what might be worth considering is whether your inaction is related to your overall procrastination? Sometimes leaving something can feel like the easiest option, but I'm here to help you work out where the resistance comes from and then find a way to move forwards. Everything has a source and we unpick it together.

What’s the best gap between sessions?
It depends: if you’re incredibly busy, then fortnightly is often the most realistic but if you’re keen to make progress, then weekly is best for optimum momentum.

Who is this not for?

Some people like the idea of coaching but don’t really want to do the work. When this is the case, it’s hard to achieve a satisfactory outcome for either you or me, wasting your time and money, so being committed to doing the work before we start will make sure you get the maximum return on your investment in yourself.

Is this a mindset development program?

No, this is a ‘Work out what’s going on and then move forwards’, program. A development program would take a lot longer, probably include things you do not need, cost you a lot more and require you to then decide what’s relevant to you when you might not know. My program works because I tailor everything to you, so you don’t have to decide what you need: you’ve got enough to do without me offering a pick and mix of nice-to-haves.

How much does it cost?

Four, hour-long, 1:1 online coaching sessions plus exercises (if needed) is £540. Each additional online hour session is £135.


Most people need 4-6 sessions, but we discuss how many sessions I think you’ll need during our initial chat. I will never suggest more sessions than I think you need.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

To find out a bit more about how I can help you, email me at or use the contact form below and we’ll organise a virtual coffee to find out whether I’m the right person to help you. But if I’m not, then I’ll be able to refer you to someone else who can.