A., Cambridgeshire

As a people manager and coach myself sometimes taking the advice rather than giving it is the most important thing. I cannot recommend Sandra enough. She took a jumbled up unclear mess of thoughts and allowed me to gain a clear coherent understanding of me. Both my personal and work lives have benefitted an I have gained the confidence to pursue my own business/career to its fullest. There is no one I would trust more with my professional life and she genuinely wants to get the best out of every client. She was flexible with my schedule and made the whole process easy. The course its activities and my 1 to 1 sessions have been worth every penny. Highly recommended. 

Sandra really helped to guide me, when I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life. (I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted!) She had a real knack of getting me to admit things to myself that I probably wouldn’t have the guts or the thought to do so without her help. A really valuable exercise to undertake, even if you think you know what you want. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any friends or family looking make a change.                                              L. SE England

After being a stay at home Mum for two years, I had lost all my confidence in my professional ability.  Sandra helped me change my mindset, stop apologizing for being a Mum and build my self-esteem.  She gave me the impetus to put myself back in the job market.  I am pleased to say that I now have the job I really wanted but never thought I could get.

C., SE England

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sandra and I was so pleased with the results. Sandra’s targeted questions and insight helped me to question and dismiss limiting beliefs that had been holding me back, as well as to gain a tighter focus on my goals. I’m more creative, productive and organised since our meeting, and I continue to feel the benefits.

A., SE England

D., SE England

'She is 100% involved with her clients and wants to help and see them reach their desired goal for her sessions with them... Without her, I certainly wouldn't realised that I was worthy of the future goals that I have wished for.'

C, SE England

'Sandra is a great coach and very intuitive. She really helped me at a time when I felt stuck! Same old story… trying and failing?! to balance family life and career.  She’s an excellent listener and made me realise things that I had not thought of before. After just a few sessions I felt confident to make some significant changes. Since then I’ve been working with Sandra to find my purpose, to live a more authentic and meaningful life. It’s not an easy journey but “you’re worth it!”. I’m still working on it and that’s ok – I now have more balance in my life. Overall my experience has been incredibly positive, and I’d recommend Sandra to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.'

S, SE England

'Sandra has a very kind and balanced approach to her coaching. She is an impeccable listener, and picks up on important points, whilst you talk, that perhaps haven't even occurred to you... I learnt a lot about the reasons 'why' I was stopping myself from moving forward from my past and present situation. There were things we discovered together that I hadn't really factored into my inability to 'follow through' with my goals and dreams. Sandra helped me see that I didn't have to let past experiences hold me back or shape my future.'

'...the coaching that you have provided has been phenomenally successful for me, I have changed my life and I can feel a positivity for the first time in years...'

Z, SE England

'The feeling of success and progress has been exhilarating, thank you. I know without the coaching I would have found problems, not solutions and done nothing.'

G, SE England

'She has a special knack of realising the questions you need to be asked without you even realising these things matter...'

N, SE England

I was at a juncture in my career and was well and truly stuck. Enter Sandra Illsley. With her mix of positivity, flexibility and determination, we solved a problem that felt insurmountable in ONE HOUR.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and I had another conundrum. Sandra quickly responded to my cry for help and helped me to find a solution in another couple of sessions. I love the fact that Sandra doesn't pull any punches - she asks all the questions that you don't think that you can answer. But she does so in an empathetic way, and makes you realise that you had the answer all along. This is very self-affirming and it ultimately frees you to be autonomous. That for me is Sandra's main strength: the fact that she is truly enabling; she doesn't get you to pay for a long programme of coaching if you don't really feel you need it. I can highly recommend Sandra as a coach for women who feel pulled in different directions and who need help in defining what's best for them.

V, Cambridgeshire